AutoNOMOS CN-Lab Team


The CN-Lab (Cognitive Navigation) is developing the technology for route planning. It also is working on the technology needed to navigate a car in road traffic. The information from a digital road map must be added to data that is constantly being received from environmental sensors (GPS, cameras, laser sensors). The combined data enables the vehicle to proceed from point to point on a collision free path. The vehicle can maneuver through road traffic and effectively imitate human behavior.



Dr. Daniel Göhring - TeamLead

Dr. Daniel Göhring

Daniel graduated in computer science at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with minor economics. He received his PhD in 2009 at the Artificial Intelligence group. Later he worked at the German Aerospace Center at the Transport Research Institute. Since 2010 he is working at the Freie Universität Berlin.

His current scientific interests are in cognitive navigation and control architectures. Earlier, he focussed on Markov processes, dynamic Bayesian networks and their application to different problems within cooperative world modeling in mobile robotics.

In his spare time Daniel likes to run long distance, e.g. marathons, and he loves to travel.



Miao Wang - Research Assistant

Miao WangMiao studied computer science from 2004 till 2008 at Freie Universität Berlin. In 2008 he  became a research assistant in the working group for autonomous driving, and since 2009 he is working in the AutoNOMOS project. He is mainly focusing on cognitive navigation and path planning.

His main task includes the processing of missions for the autonomous car into drivable trajectories. These trajectories are interpreted by a self-designed low-level controller in order to let the car drive along the projected routes. For that, control of throttle/brake and steering wheel is essentially important. Furthermore, more complex maneuvers like overtaking, crossing behavior, parking etc. can be implemented.

In his leisure time Miao does a lot of sports, especially soccer, volleyball and basketball. He is also a big movie fan.



Tinosch Ganjineh - Research Assistant

Tinosch GanjinehTinosch is the head of the AutoNOMOS project and has been a member of the artificial intelligence workgroup since 2006. In the course of his computer science studies at the Freie Universität Berlin he dedicated his time and energy to the research on autonomous vehicles. Since finishing his master thesis on the same subject, he has joined the workgroup as a lecturer and research associate to obtain his PhD at Berlin's elite university.

As project leader, Tinosch faces two tasks: Tirelessly keeping up the team's morale while balancing this effort with obtaining his PhD. His research interest encompasses cognitive navigation, path planning algorithms and artificial intelligence in general.

During his free time Tinosch enjoys driving cars himself for a change and is also a gifted poker player which as a sportsman is up to meet any challenge.



Arturo Reuschenbach - Research Assistant

Arturo  Reuschenbach

Arturo received his bachelor's degree in computer science in Barcelona (Spain). For the last year of his bachelor Arturo decided to write his thesis within the Erasmus exchange program working at the Freie Universität Berlin in the FUmanoids group (soccer playing humanoid robots) supervised by Prof. Raúl Rojas. He was enthused by the research group and the university and decided to continue with the master in computer science at the Freie Universität Berlin. Now Arturo writes his master thesis in the AutoNOMOS group.

The focus of Arturo's research lies in robotics and artificial intelligence. Within his master thesis Arturo concentrates on developing an iPhone/iPad remote control for a car. More specific, his research is focused on the communication with the autonomous vehicle and the optimal representation of the data from all sensors installed in the car.

In his spare time Arturo likes to challenge his friends and co-workers in all sorts of racket sports, especially in tennis and squash. Otherwise he spends time with his girlfriend and/or friends or he travels to new places.



Gretta Hohl - Student Assistant

Greta Hohl

In 2004 Gretta started her studies in computer science with a minor in physics and psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2006 she is working on design, development and programming of autonomous humanoid robot platforms. Her diploma thesis describes the planning system of soccer playing autonomous humanoids. She is interested in sensor technology, signal processing and electronics. Since 2010 she is part of the team.

Her tasks are CAN data analysing and the construction of electronic modules.

In her leisure time she plays basketball, goes swimming or spends time with her friends.



Henrik Matzke - Student Assistant

Henrik Matzke

Since 2007 Henrik is a student at the Freie Universität Berlin and currently prepares for his bachelor thesis in computer science. Afterwards his focus will be on finishing his master studies until 2012. Since February 2010 he supports the AutoNOMOS team as a student assistant. He gained his first project experiences as an intern at Funkwerk AG and student apprentice at a multitouch project at the working group "Artificial Intelligence".

Lately Henrik has been working on the simulator and further he will be focusing on visualisation of the crossing behaviour.

Apart from international football, music and movies are Henrik's leisure time interests.

Paul Czerwionka - Student Assistant

Paul Czerwionka

Paul is currently finishing his Diploma thesis in Computer Science.

Besides his studies at the Freie Unversität Berlin Paul is continuously engaged in numerous practical applications of computer science across the board. This gave him the opportunities to gain experiences in the fields of search engines, distributed computing and mobile development.

With his participation in the competition "creative'08" organized by the publisher Heise he got involved with Artificial Intelligence. Since then he has become a student assistant at the CN-Lab. His task is improving and developing high detailed route maps and algorithms for autonomous vehicles which is also the topic of the Diploma thesis.

In case Paul is not working he is mostly found windsurfing, snowboarding or just standing on his hands.

Steffen Heinrich - Student Assistant

Steffen Heinrich

Steffen studies Computer Science since 2006 at the Freie Universität Berlin. He completed successfully his minor subject "Electrical Engineering" at the University of Southampton while studying abroad. He joined the Artificial Intelligence research group of Prof. Raúl Rojas in 2008. He is working for the humanoid soccer playing robot project "FUmanoids" since then and became a member of the AutoNOMOS team in 2010.

The main focus of his research lies in robotics and artificial intelligence, especially in the simulation of realistic sensor data and behaviour evaluation.

In his free time Steffen likes to play soccer, but gives plenty of other sport activities a try, e.g. lacrosse, beach volleyball or surfing. He also loves having delicious food and travelling foreign countries.

Shuiying Wang - Research Assistant

Shuiying Wang

Shuiying studied mechanical engineering and automation from 2003 to 2007 at the Science and Technology University of Beijing, China. Then she studied aircraft control design for a master degree in Beihang University, China. Since September 2010, she is working on her PhD as a CSC scholarship student here at Freie Universität Berlin.

Now she is mainly focusing on simulator and controller design for our autonomous car.

In her leisure time Shuiying likes reading any kinds of books and doing any kinds of out-door sports.

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