Brain DriverWe proudly present our newest human-machine interface: the Emotive EPOC - EEG

Autonomous taxi

Autonomous taxiWe proudly present our latest autonomous driving solution: how to call an autonomous taxi via iPad.


Made in GermanyThe latest autonomous car of our project is named "MadeInGermany". See this section to learn more about MIG's equipment.


iPhone remote controlled carWhile being engaged in the development and design of Made in Germany, the soon to be released brand new autonomous car, the researchers from AutoNOMOS laboratories were approached from the software engineers at Appirion UG. Combining their expertise, they developed the highly anticipated iDriver, the first ever application which lets you remotely control a vehicle.

Spirit of Berlin

Spirit of BerlinThe Spirit of Berlin is an autonomous vehicle that was designed and built by the Artificial Intelligence Group at Freie Universität Berlin as of 2007. It is a car that can be driven without a driver.


eyeDriver  youtube videoThe eyeDriver software is a solution that enables the driver to steer a car using their eye only.

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