VoiceDriver for Intelligent Wheelchair

We presented the Intelligent Wheelchair and some steering devices back in 2011. Now a new way of navigating the wheelchair has been developed: the VoiceDriver. Using some simple words as commands, the VoiceDriver allows the driver to navigate while avoiding obstacles. See this Video for more information:

This video shows the first test runs of the voice controlled operating system VoiceDriver for the Intelligent Wheelchair developed by researchers at Freie Universität Berlin. The VoiceDriver allows the operator to command the wheelchair using four simple german words: “links” (means left), “rechts” (right), “beschleunigen” (accelerate) and “anhalten” (stop).

MadeInGermany's Mission: Brandenburger Tor

Our autonomous car has been driving automatically in Berlin's streets and highways. The car has been certified for autonomous driving in the state of Berlin. Check out our latest video Mission: Brandenburger Tor:


MadeInGermany controlled via the Emotiv EPOC Brain Machine Interface:

After testing iPhone, iPad and an eye-tracking device as possible user interfaces to maneuver our research car named “MadeInGermany”, we now also use Brain Power. The “BrainDriver” application is of course a demonstration and not roadworthy yet but on the long run human-machine interfaces like this could bare huge potential in combination with autonomous driving. For example when it comes to decide which way you want to take on a crossroad while the autonomous cab drives you home.

Brain Driver video

For more images see our "Brain Driver" Gallery.

Pick me up!

We proudly present our latest autonomous driving solution: how to call an autonomous taxi via iPad. This app is an extension of our iDriver app, which has many many new features. For example picking up the driver at any location - check out the video for more information.

Autonomous taxi


In 2009 we presented the first iPhone remote controlled car worldwide - our autonomous car Spirit of Berlin.


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