MadeInGermany is a modified Volkswagen Passat Variant 3c. Latest LIDAR/ RADAR sensor technology, as well as cameras, help to overview its surrounding area (see sketch below for details)A special GPS system gives precise information about the position. The car is also equipped with Drive-by-Wire technology, meaning that engine, brakes, steering and other actuating elements can be accessed directly via the CAN-BUS. The car's intelligence is based on software, which is implemented on computing systems located in the trunk compartment. Most of the required electromechanical modifications and integration of the sensors were performed by the Volkswagen Research Garage, so that we could focus on our expertise - the software. The  "Operating System for intelligent cars" is one of the key research topics of the Artificial Intelligence Group at the Freie Universität Berlin. The Innovation Lab AutoNOMOS is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of the German High-Tech Strategy.






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The  SMS (TM) Radar is a short range radar operating at 24GHz. Our   customized obstacle tracker allows data fusion with our Laser  Scanners. The Lux (TM) Laser Scanner System  consists out of 6 single sensors and a  fusion box. It provides a 360°   surround view and is integrated smoothly  in our car. The  Stereo Camera System is used for obstacle detection. With the help of  the parallax effect we compute 3D images. The  Velodyne (TM) Laser Scanner is used for localization and obstacle   detection. It has an 360° surround view and records 1.6 Mio distance   points per second. The GPS (Global  Positioning  System) antenna is just the visible part of our high precise positioning   system. Commonly used in navigation systems it allows a raw  positioning  by satellite data. The Odometer  tracks the rotation of the rear left wheel. So the covered  distance can  be measured, supporting our positioning system. The  TRW (TM) Radar originally was developed for the VW Adaptive Cruse   Control (ACC). Its long distance range allows us to detect cars that are   more than 200m far away. The Lane Detection  Camera records High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. It is directed on the  road and keeps the car on track. Lux Lux Lux Lux SMS Passat Lane Hella Lane Hella Lane Velodye Laser GPS Odometer TRM TRM Made in Germany




Safety concept developed in collaboration with „TÜV NORD“.

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