Welcome to the AutoNOMOS Project!

AutoNOMOS Labs is part of the Artificial Intelligence Group of the Freie Universität Berlin. It is funded by BMBF (the Ministry of Education and Research). We, researchers and students, have a common vision for developing the technology of the driverless cars of the future. The team was started in 2006 around Prof. Dr. Raúl Rojas. In 2007 the team reached the semi-finals of the DARPA Urban Challenge 2007.

We have two prototype cars, Spirit of Berlin and our new car MadeInGermany. An electric car is now being instrumented.


Minister Annette Schavan visits AutoNOMOS Labs

On August 15, 2012 a member of the german government visited us to have her first autonomous ride. The summer tour of Dr. Annette Schavan (Federal Minister of Education and Research) focuses on innovation. " I want to get an exact picture in different regions of Germany, of contributions which science and research make to solving important questions for the future..", Mrs Schavan summarized. Check out the video of her visit for further information:

First Autonomous State limousine


We were happy to hear that the trip felt comfortable, even after the (observing) safety driver left the driver's seat to send the car for an extra round with nobody at the wheel. Media responses from the attending guests can be found in the PRESS section.

MadeInGermany drives through Berlin's traffic in the city center

Our autonomous car has been driving automatically in Berlin's streets and highways. The car has been certified for autonomous driving in the state of Berlin (press release). Check out our latest video Mission: Brandenburger Tor:

Mission Brandenburg Gate

New images of our autonomous car can be found in the Gallery section. Feel free to use the images for articles and media coverage about our project. Please acknowledge the photographer Claudia Heinstein.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section or in this pdf document.

Press conference and first public test drive in Berlin's center

On September 17th 2011, we invited media representatives to witness an autonomous driving run in the middle of Berlin's traffic. Our autonomous car MadeInGermany drove a 20km track through the city-center (roundtrip from Kaiserdamm to Brandenburg Gate) several times and without problems. Our safety driver sat in front of the steering wheel during the test run. In case of a sensor failure the safety driver can take control in fractions of a second by just pressing the brake pedal slightly. Pictures of MIG in Berlin traffic can be found in our Gallery section - Please feel free to use them in your articles. Videos can be found in this page, further down.

Intelligent Wheelchair

Our newest project is the Intelligent Wheelchair. This video shows various prototypes of steering-devices for an intelligent wheelchair based on the technology developed by AutoNOMOS Labs:

Intelligent Wheelchair video

Permission to test autonomous functions on Berlin roads

AutoNOMOS Labs finally received an exceptional permission to test autonomous functions in real traffic situations. The matured safety concept which we developed with the support of TÜV NORD and our new sponsor HDI Gerling Industry Insurances includes a safety driver (acting as a “driving teacher”) and a copilot who both can take control of the car in situations which seem too risky for autonomous driving. In a step-by-step process we are now going to apply the functions we have been testing on our testing grounds of Tempelhof Airport over the last 4 years to the roads of Berlin. We are looking forward to presenting a completely autonomous trip through the city center of Berlin in August. Media representatives are invited to register via email: media@autonomos-labs.com. More information, pictures and interviews will be provided here.

AutoNOMOS Labs at „Challenge Bibendum“

From Wednesday, May 18th, to Sunday, May 22th, the AutoNOMOS team presented their innovations at the Challenge Bibendum on the area of former airport Tempelhof. The exhibition centers around sustainable mobility. AutoNOMOS showcased their autonomos car MadeInGermany in the Innovation Area. See our Challenge Bibendum Gallery for more picutres.

Sport Ring









MadeInGermany controlled via the Emotiv EPOC Brain Machine Interface:

After testing iPhone, iPad and an eye-tracking device as possible user interfaces to maneuver our research car named “MadeInGermany”, we now also use Brain Power. The “BrainDriver” application is of course a demonstration and not roadworthy yet but on the long run human-machine interfaces like this could bare huge potential in combination with autonomous driving. For example when it comes to decide which way you want to take on a crossroad while the autonomous cab drives you home.

Brain Driver video

For more images see our "Brain Driver" Gallery.

Pick me up!

We proudly present our latest autonomous driving solution: how to call an autonomous taxi via iPad. This app is an extension of our iDriver app, which has many many new features. For example picking up the driver at any location - check out the video for more information.

Autonomous taxi


In 2009 we presented the first iPhone remote controlled car worldwide - our Spirit of Berlin.


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